The reflect of a passion




The reflect of a passion


Arnaud, puts his know-how at the service of the terroir. Each vintage is the fruit of a meticulous selection and careful work to elaborate unique wines.

The harvest time is mainly determined based on the grape’s flavor; this step requires a certain amount of experience and wisdom. Our philosophy is to find a beautiful balance between maturity and freshness. It is the rhythm of the fruit that regulates patience. Turned towards a reasoned culture, we adapt our work to the vineyard's rhythm by intervening only at the most opportune moment: having a mastered harvest and winemaking process carried out with a passion for creating great wine.




The heart of the winemaking work, essentially in wood vats, is to make a wine that is worthy of its terroir. Unlike other wines, Château Carlmagnus wines are aged entirely in barrels. Like painting on a canvas, the winegrower expresses his sensibility based on the vintage. We must find the minerality of the vineyard to compose wines with velvety tannins and fruity aromas giving immediate pleasure when tasting them.

Such work close to the vineyard can only be done with passion. We cultivate our imprint and our knowledge of our vineyard year after year. We are guided only by the rhythm so specific to the vine whose maturity we have learned to recognize. It is this same passion that we wish to share with our public during visits and tastings. To come to Château Carlmagnus is to understand that behind a great wine hides an exceptional terroir, which is served by passionate men and women!